As your family size expands, one of the things that comes to mind is needing more space. Subterranean developments are de rigueur today. So why relocate when you can get more space right where you live? Your basement could well house the gym, a kitchenette and living room, or even lend itself in some cases, to a magnificent swimming pool!

The idea of adding a basement to one’s home is not a new concept but here’s the value proposition we offer: we take the fuss out of the whole process, making it a stress-free experience for you while we go about it in a professional way. What you get at the end of the project is a delightfully well-designed, entirely new living space. An added bonus is that the extra space also increases the resale value of your property, so it will command a higher market price straight away.

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At Bespoke Basements, we customize the design of your new basement to your specific needs. We understand that your basement must feel like an extension of the house, rather than an incongruous afterthought.

You might want a family room in the basement that’s contemporary, stylish and warm, that doubles as a great entertainment area. A large basement can easily handle several activities, such as a lounge area equipped with a wide-screen television, home-theatre and bar.

Or if you’re thinking of increasing your living space without giving up your outdoor facilities… well, it’s also possible to have a basement right underneath the garden.


The importance of lighting and ventilation in basement constructions can hardly be overemphasized. We give special thought to the lighting, heating, ventilation, and headroom clearance requirements when we plan and design your basement as these are crucial factors in building a new basement. Light wells, glass doors and light tubes are some of the design ideas we use to bring more light into your basement. The access to the basement space and the means of escape are also given due importance.

Whatever it be, we’ll help you brainstorm ideas for the activities you might be wanting to use your finished basement for, and draw up the floor plans incorporating your ideas.

We create extra living space, to your taste. Speak to us today.